Assignment Workshop: Monthly Focus #1 - Introduction/Background Video
September 21

1) Find a partner.

2) Select which person will go first.

3) First person will ask the following interview questions of their partner. Take notes and post your notes in the Discussion below. Notes will be available for everyone to use as inspiration.
  • What three parts of the introduction and background materials we have read so far have interested you the most?
  • What three questions have you asked yourself while reading these materials?
  • About what three topics would you like to learn more?
  • If you were to watch a video on one of these topics, in what format would you prefer it?

4) Pause and look over notes. Do you have any further questions for your partner? Something you want clarified? An idea you would like to run by them?

5) Once the first person has finished asking the above questions, asking any follow-up question, and recording the responses in the Discussion below, then the second person will complete the same process.

Note: this workshop is intended to give you time to think about your video and to brainstorm ideas. You are not required to use any of the ideas generated, although you are welcome to do so.