Badge #1: Job

Dear God,

I have been put through so much and have endured many bad things. My ailments are a result of my ways and the loss of everything is also a result of my ways. I want people to see what has been done to me so they do not make the mistakes I made and do not follow in my footsteps. I can only hope that by seeing what I have went through, that people would live by your word as no one truly knows what they have until it is gone. Let my life, my suffering, be a lesson to all so that they may make the right choices.


Dear Diary,

Life has gotten so unbearable. Everyday is a struggle and everyday I am reminded that I have nothing. My life that was so great has all slipped away and there is no getting it back. I wish everyday to just not wake up so that I do not have to face a challenges everyday.


If there was one actor that I would want playing Job it would most likely be Jim Caviezel. He played God in the Passion of Christ and he did an amazing job with it. I think with his background in biblical films that he would be a great fit.

Badge #2: Great Flood

Tata and Nena
external image deluge.jpg

external image 250px-Gustave_Dor%C3%A9_-_D%C3%A9luge.jpg

North American Flood Myths
external image myth-2-5.jpg
Two of them have people scrambling to get to rocks and trying to get on them and to higher ground.
Only one has a fish in it and also what appears to be the hand of God hold the Ark in safety.
All show harsh waters and all have a very dark look to them, almost as if this all happened at night.
In Tata and Nena, there seems to be a serpent of some sort coming out of the water in the bottom right corner.

Badge #3: Exodus

Pharaoh's Notice:
Attention all. From here on out, any male Hebrew newborns will be taken immediately without question and without any resistance. All newborns will be thrown into the Nile river as part of reducing the Hebrew population.

Moses's Notice to Pharaoh:
Dear Pharaoh,

We come not to overthrown the power but to live freely. We do not deserve the harsh punishments put upon us and do not wish to live out our lives in such a way. Let us free and let us be on our way and we will not retaliate against the powers. Do not continue the killings or the labor that we must endure. Let my people go and may God watch over both of us, dismiss our offer and may God bring plagues upon your kingdom.


Image result for parting of the red sea
Image result for parting of the red sea

Badge #4
Everyday Bible Badge:

Sunday: "If I was God this bread would last forever." "He's basically Satan's spawn." "Oh dear God help us." "This is worst than when Adam and Eve ate the apple."

Monday: "I swear to God I'm going to crucify him."

Tuesday: "His name is Moses, like the guy who parted the Red Sea."

Wednesday: "Sweet baby Jesus." "Like the bible said, treat others the way you'd want to be treated."

Thursday: "With the way the world is going, God is going to flood Earth again."

Friday: "Thank the Lord its Friday." "With what the Bible says I feel like the rapture is coming."

Saturday; No Biblical references.

Badge #5
Pop Culture Badge:

List for 5 movies: The Ark (2015), Young Abraham (2011), Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014), Noah (2014), The Ten Commandments (2007).

"The Ark" along with "Noah" both focus on the book of Genesis.
"Young Abraham" also focuses on the book of Genesis.
"Exodus: Gods and Kings" focuses on the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy.
"The Ten Commandments" also focuses on the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy.