Kelly Flaherty

Matthew Badge
Foreshadowing in Matthew that Christ is a wise man:
  • Angel talks to Joseph in 1:21 and states that Jesus will save his people from their sins
  • 1:22-Jesus’ birth to fulfill what the Lord declared through a prophet
  • 1:23-Jesus to be called Emmanuel meaning God is with us
  • Astrologers sent to meet Jesus, brought him gifts given to a king: gold, frankincense, myrrh
  • 2:15-Lord declared through a prophet, out of Egypt I have called my son

Miracles Christ performs:
  • Healing: physical/spiritual
  • Manipulates the elements:
    • Multiplying fish
    • Walks on water

  • Casting out demons
  • Raising from dead
  • Healing without contact

Disabilities mentioned throughout Matthew:
  • Mary being pregnant before marriage
    • I believe this can be a disability because it would have out casted her and put her in danger as well

  • 8:2-Leper approaches Jesus asking to be healed
  • 8:6-Centurion’s servant at home paralyzed
  • 8:14-Peter’s mother in law in bed with fever
    • It is not clear what the fever or how severe however any sickness in the Bible is often regarded as a disability

  • 8:16-Demon possessed
    • May have been schizophrenia which the people of that time have no idea about so they would explain as demon possession

  • 8:28-More demon possession
  • 9:2-Another paralyzed man
  • 9:20-Woman with hemorrhages
  • 9:27-Blind men
  • 9:32-Dumb and demon possessed
  • 12:9-Man with withered arm
  • 12:22-Man demon possessed, blind and dumb
  • 15:22-Woman’s daughter tormented by the devil
  • 15:30-Crowd’s flocked to him bringing with them the lame, blind, dumb, and crippled
  • 20:30-Two blind men
  • 21:14-In the Temple the blind and crippled came to him
  • 23:16,24,26-calls Pharisee’s blind guides

Pop-Culture Badge
Dogma (1999) written by Kevin Smith featuring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Alanis Morrissett as God, Alan Rickman and countless others is a fictional movie with countless references made to the Bible mostly satirically. This story follows a young woman who is chosen to help prevent two angels from entering heaven which will undo the fabric of the universe. There is a part in the story where one of the angels trying to break into heaven is ‘infuriated even more and has an epiphany about how God showed the humans more patience than he ever showed angels, and how it's unfair that they should be banished to earth for not agreeing with God's plan, while humans should have a choice.’ (Source This mirrors the story of Lucifer a bit where per legend, the fallen angel did not agree with the way God was doing things and wanted to be just as powerful as him. I feel like this movie references several places and themes throughout the Bible. The idea of God’s power and fallibility, how he interacts with his creation and the end of the world highlighted in Revelations.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe based on the book series by CS Lewis draws parallels with the Bible and its characters. The Lion is Jesus and the Witch sin/evil in the world. In the movie, there is a war going on between the two sides and the Lion dies for the sins and mistakes of characters in the movie, but he is also resurrected, much like Jesus. This mirrors the gospels in which Jesus gets killed but raises from the dead again after 3 days.

The 2014 theatrical representation of ‘Noah’ seems like a pretty clear movie based on the Flood story in the Bible. However, the movie in several ways does not follow the Biblical story. It can be categorized as a science fiction film due to the adding fictional elements into the movie. Arguably the whole movie can be seen as fiction depending on your beliefs as the Bible is open to so much interpretation. One of these fictional elements is the inserting of the rock creatures who help protect Noah and his family. This is not necessarily biblical however I researched it and it appears to have Biblical roots in books of the Old Testament. A few things I have read stated that they were angels who watched over the people. We learned about Flood myths when studying the story of Noah which taught us that the legend of the flood story spans across culture and religion. So it would be understanding that they would use several versions of the flood story for the movie of Noah.

The 1998 movie ‘Truman show’ starring Jim Carrey and Ed Harris is another film that the viewer can draw some biblical parallels to. The movie follows the life of Truman who is unknowingly on a TV show produced by the Creator who calls himself Christof. The world in which he lives was made specifically for him much like in the Creation story of Genesis where God creates the world for humankind. Everything in Truman’s life is scripted down to his wife and his friends. The world is ‘perfect’ with everything beings very much like a 50’s family sitcom. This parallels the creation story as well, how God created everything to be perfect. We find out that Truman was adopted as a baby by the TV network and put into this reality show. Truman not knowing he is in the show is unable to make the choice to leave however once he figures it out he tries to escape and in the end exercises his ‘free will’ to leave. The ‘god’ character Christof talks to him from the sky as a booming voice speaking with him as a father/creator would.

The 1995 movie ‘Seven’ starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey; follows two detectives who are hunting a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins to find and kill his victims. The seven sins are: greed, pride, sloth, wrath, gluttony, lust and envy. Although there is not a specific place in the Bible that lists these sins with this title, all of these are references within the passage as negative things to indulge in. I discovered that these sins put together various times throughout history starting with a monk in the 4th century and then again in the late 16th century by Pope Gregory the Great. In Galatians 5: 19-20 several sins are listed warning that people who commit them will not inherit the Kingdom of God. This verse and others like it throughout the scriptures are what give the idea of there being deadly sins that are unforgiveable.

Judith Badge
Image of Judith with Holophernes' head:

Letter to the Author:
Dear Artist:
The story of Judith is one that is very near and dear to my heart. At times when I feel powerless and unable to continue, it reminds me that there is a strength inside of me and courage I forgot that I possess. It is a story that has been told for generations in my family and although the Christian world may differ on its importance and its place in the Bible, I know the impact it can have. What I am asking of you today is to utilize your talents, ones that I am sure God has given to you, and create a new literary piece to display this tale of bravery in a new light. I have always thought this passage takes too long to get to the part about Judith. While a back story is important and helps to paint her as the heroine that she is, I find the excessive talking about King Nebuchadnezzar and his equally awful sidekick Holofernes, too much. I have always envisioned a piece that highlights the boldness of Judith in a more creative way maybe something poetic or lyrical. Not that this should be a lofty or light tale no! In fact, the weight and severity of the task Judith must accomplish should not be downplayed. I have no discernable talent for such things or I would write this myself. Instead I am offering to pay you handsomely for your assistance. I have heard great things of your work and know that in your hands this project that has been on my heart can be given the attention it deserves.
Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Quotation from Judith:

I believe Chapter 8 verses 32-34 sum up Judith’s character. They read: ‘Listen to me,’ said Judith. ‘I am going to do something which will be remembered among our countrymen for all generations. Be at the gate tonight; I shall go out with my maid and, before the day on which you have promised to surrender our town to our enemies, the Lord will deliver Israel by my hand. But do not question me about my plan; I shall tell you nothing until I have accomplished what I mean to do. In these verses, you get a clear picture of her authority. That she is so confident in her faith and in her God, that she can tell not ask not talk with but command the elders what she is going to do. The story does tell us that Judith was well liked and known for being religious. I find her much like Job in this respect. So it does make sense that they would be open to what she has to say however to be able to speak with the elders in such a way that does not give them even a chance to say no leads way to what she is able to accomplish once faced with the enemy.

Exodus Badge

Announcement from Pharaoh:
Exodus Badge3.jpg
Letter from Moses to Pharaoh:

Dear Pharaoh,
I write you this letter not just as a Hebrew man who lives in your kingdom but as a messenger from my Lord. For years you have enslaved his people treating them worse than you would a common animal. Well enough is enough and it is time for you to let my people go! I realize this is not something that you want to do and I do expect resistance. For that I am prepared. The God of my people will no longer watch you treat us this way. Failure to let his people go will result in horrible things being brought upon your kingdom. You may not believe in the power of my God but you will feel his wrath!
The choice is yours. You can allow your people to go through pain and suffering like they have made us go through for years or you can avoid all of that and let my people go!
I will await your reply.

Picture of the Red Sea:

red sea.jpg

Great Flood Badge
Noah's Ark:
Noah's Ark

Manu and the Fish:

Tata and Nena:

Each story contains a flood that will destroy the earth and a chosen few that will be saved. The Story of Noah and the story of Manu each contain people that were each saved in a boat and were placed upon a mountain top once the water subsided. Also both main characters were instructed to build a boat for survival. The worlds in the Story of Noah and the story of Tata and Nena were both destroyed due to the wickedness of people by their god(s).

Another similarity that I found interesting in the story of Tata and Nena, was the parallel of two people eating something their god told them not to and getting punished. Although that is a similarity with the Creation story and not the Flood story, it is a similarity to a Biblical story.

The man in Manu and the Fish was saved by a fish that he cared for and grew into a big fish that guided his boat during the flood. The vehicle in which Tata and Nena were saved was a tree trunk and not a boat like in the other two stories. Also in the story of Tata and Nena, the ones that had found favor in the eyes of the gods and were saved, disobeyed the gods after the flood and were turned into dogs. Subsequently the gods destroyed the world.

Genre Badge

List of Genres:
Letters, Law, Proverbs, Gospels, Legends, Sermons, Hymns, Parables, Narratives, History, Revelation, Cosmogony, Prophetic, Legends, Prophecy, Poetry.

Graphic representation:
Three Genres and why they might have been chosen to use by the authors:

Law: The people of the Old Testament were all about the Law. What they could and couldn't do, eat, etc. They law is how they knew how to live. Even in the New Testament we see the New law being put into place and the Old law being 'revised'. Law is an important part of any society. It helps govern the community and puts boundaries in place.

Parables: Jesus used Parables as a way to teach his followers because it put the lessons he was trying to convey into a story they could relate to. Such as the Good Samaritan. This was a story that everyone listening to could understand easily as it dealt with people and circumstances they could relate to. I think this was really important. What good is teaching new law if nobody understands it? Parables helped make them easier to understand.

Cosmogony: How did the earth come to be created? What would the Bible be without an explanation of how we all got here. I think this needed to be chosen. Without this you're leaving your readers without a beginning. It helps build the bases and foundation of the story. It shows God's great power and sovereignty. It makes all the rest of the stories and miracles believable. If God created the universe of course he can do all of those other things as well.

Job Badge

My Lord,
I come to you as your servant, blameless and upright in your eyes. For the entirety of my life I have feared you and have followed all of your commands. When my wife birthed my ten children did I not dedicate them all to you and your glory? Have I not sacrificed whole offerings for each child in case they may have sinned during the night? If all this is true, then why have you cursed me so? Have I done something to anger you for you to turn your wrath upon me? Tell me what I have done oh Lord to lose favor in your eyes and I will cast away that evil and turn towards you once again. All at once you took away my family, my livestock, my health! I am angry Lord! I do not understand this devastation that has come upon me. It would be better if I had never been born at all! If you love me oh God, then strike me dead right now here as I stand. If you have mercy, then please take pity on your servant and give me an ounce of peace! When I am awake I am in pain from head to toe. When I am able to fall asleep images of my family and all I once held so dear flood my thoughts. I never am at rest! You have the power to take all of this away. At the sound of your voice mountains would crumble. Yet here I sit here suffering day and night! I do not want to think you unjust but I can no longer keep a hopeful spirit. If it is your will my Lord, then please again I beg you to take my life! I will wait to hear your voice relieving me of this torture you have allowed to come upon me. Please hurry.
Your Servant,

Dear Diary,
This morning as I woke, my head full of memories of my beloved children that have passed, I felt a pain in my body. The more aware I became of the sun rising the more the pain became overwhelming. I opened my eyes to find sores covering my body. These were not like any sores I had seen before. These were blistering and bubbling, red from stretched skin, blood from scratching during the night. I rose to search for something to relieve the itch and the pain building up in my body. I grabbed a clay pot and broke it in my hand. Taking the pieces to my skin where the sores had made their home. Feverishly I scratched at my body till I was wet with blood. What was going on?! Was it not enough that all of my livestock and children were gone now, I had to wake up to this!? Why was God allowing this to happen to me? To think of all those years, I had followed him faithfully never doing anything that he would not find favor in. My days full of prayers and praise. Killing so many of my best livestock to sacrifice to him to atone for any sin that me or my family had encountered during the day. And this is what I get? Punishment! I am not sure how much more of this I can endure. I will plead to God to end my life, take me out of my misery. I don’t know what I will do if I my request is not granted. It would have been better if I was never even born! Until tomorrow Diary. I hope that tomorrow I will either be writing about my miraculous healing or this to be my last entry as He has taken mercy on me and killed me!

There are so many good actors in Hollywood now and who have passed on so picking just one person that I think would be a good fit for the role of Job was tough. However, I have decided that I think Kevin Spacey would be a good actor to portray the role. Kevin has a wide range of ability and has been successful in so many blockbuster hits. I think his intensity at which he plays his characters would bring a lot to the part of Job. In moments when he is meant to be in pain and anguish to cursing the day he was born, I can picture Kevin fulfilling this precisely. Also, he is funny and has the ability to slide into comedy easily. I think this story presents itself with a lot of hurt and anger but also depending on the way the director wanted to go with it, could have a sarcastic edge to it which would add some levity to a horrible moment in Job's life.