Activity Outcome
  • Students will be able to conceptualize the differences between oral and written text.
Relevant Course Outcome
  • Students will be able to identify and analyze the textual, historical, and cultural contexts of works of literature.

"From a literary point of view the Bible is an anthology, or a collection of literature, containing narratives, poetry, prophetic books, letters, and apocalypses. It is not organized according to types of literature; rather, different kinds of literature (called "books") stand side by side. Furthermore, many individual books themselves juxtapose narratives, poetry, and legal codes." (OSB, "Literary Forms of the Bible," 12)


Part 1: Pretend that you are initiating the writing of a book compilation similar to the Bible. Consider today's genres of literature (may include film) that might influence your writing. As a group, compile a list of these genres and post as a Discussion Post below. For every genre, provide a reason why it would influence your text.

Pause before going on - we will discuss this part first before continuing.

Part 2: Using your textbooks, compile a list of the genres identified (so far) in the Bible. Post below in another Discussion Post. For every genre, provide a reason for why you think this genre influenced the writing of the Bible and/or is included in the Bible.