Midterm Badges:

Group #3: To earn Great Flood Badge:

Ark - Perched Island Landing
Ark - Perched Island Landing

The Flood Myth of Hawaii

external image 2181994_orig.jpg
Utnapishtim (Babylonia)

external image _45744149_f9750dfe-3655-4853-978f-1df3308b40ad.jpg

The three representations above of three of the various flood stories seem to depict different points of time within the three stories. The third image shows destruction by water in Knisteneaux, but could also be used to depict the destruction by flood in The Flood Myth of Hawaii and Utnapishtim. The second image is a bit more specific only really depicting the narrative of Utnapishtim and the Flood Myth of Hawaii, Knisteneaux describes K-wap-tah-w being carried up to a high cliff by a bird, and finding separate families who had built a raft and had survived as opposed to a single family depicted with Nu'u(Myth of Hawaii) and Utnapishtim. The first image shows the surviving vessel sitting at the top of a mountain where it was left after the flood subsided in The Flood of Hawaii and Utnapishtim, with Knisteneaux not depicting the same narrative.

Group #5: To earn Psalms Badge:

Ten Human Characteristics:
1. Courage - Psalm 23:4
2. Patience - Psalm 69:33
3. Confidence - Psalm 71:1
4. Joy - Psalm 95:1
5. Thankfulness - Psalm 122:4
6. Fear - Psalm 23:4
7. Humbleness - Psalm 138:2
8. Endurance - Psalm 73:13
9. Confusion - Psalm 74
10. Foolishness - Psalm 69:5

Two characteristics that I think have a good verses of explaining them are courage and endurance. A good quotation that I think defines courage is, "Even were I to walk through the valley of deepest darkness I should fear no harm, for you are with me;" Psalm 23:4. A quote that I found for me defined endurance is ,"Indeed it was all for nothing I kept my heart pure and washed my hands free from guilt" Psalm 73:13.

Ten Characters who Exhibit the Characteristics:
1. Courage -- Batman (from the dc comic books, cartoon television series, movie series)
2. Patience -- Nicholas Angel (the protagonist in the fictional movie 'Hot Fuzz', he remains patient in gathering evidence to be able to arrest conspirators causing crime)
3. Confidence -- Sherlock Holmes (bbc television series depicting the fictional story in the modern day)
4. Joy -- Happy (one of the seven dwarfs in the Grimm Fairy Tale and Disney cartoon movie)
5. Thankfulness -- Stitch ('Lilo and Stitch' the disney animated film)
6. Fear -- Nemo's Father ('Finding Nemo' movie made by pixar, Nemo's Father is often depicted in the movie to be very anxious and fearful about most situations)
7. Humbleness -- Dorothy ('The Wizard of Oz' book & movie)
8. Endurance -- James Bond (movie series. James Bond an agent who works for British Intelligence always finds himself at a disadvantage with his enemies but always endures until he saves the day)
9. Confusion -- Neo (The protagonist in the fictional movie 'The Matrix', during the beginning of his journey to save the world, he is confused about the "reality" he has lived in)
10. Foolishness -- Dory ('Finding Nemo' movie made by pixar)

Group #1: To earn Archaeology Badge:

external image _55591604_deadseascroll.jpg
The Dead Sea Scrolls

The artifact that I have selected that I believe is the most significant to biblical history is the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were discovered within the vicinity of the dead sea in 1946 - 1956, and are said to contain portions of the old testament. One major discovery found with the scrolls, is the entire copy of the old testament book of Isaiah. It is believed by many that this is the oldest book of Isaiah in existence, and shows that we have not deviated too much in translation to the original manuscripts.

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