Pharaoh how dare you THREATEN my people. My people are Gods people, So if you mess with me you're messing with God! I will Warn you once, and only once, to LET MY PEOPLE GO! Otherwise I will Get my people myself from the help of God and completely destroy you. I have faith my people will obey just like I do and help me destroy your power. You are no God for you will fall short of the kingdom of glory. -Moses.

India: Manu and Matysa Christian Flood Myth: Noah Ark Malaysia: Temuan
The similarities between the three happen to be a huge flood that killed everyone and everything in it way but of course having a few survive to tell the story. The difference are crazy between all three. For Manu and Matysa, Matysa was a sea God who forearms a human named Manu. And the people on the ship have a mission to collect all the grain on the ship. While In Noah's Ark, he was called by God to collect all animals by twos. And then build a big boat to survive the great flood that wiped out everyone else. And as for Temuan, the flood happened because of "Celau" which means that they angered there Gods and Ancestors. I just find it really fascinating that all these stories happen to deal with a flood. Weird.

Christian Culture Badge
A.D 62-68 Martyrdom of James, "The Lords Brother". Apostles Peter and Paul Martyred in the reign of the Roman emperor Nero.
Jesus Christ - A man Whom Christians call "The Messiah". Born from a virgin and became the central figure in Christian beliefs. Anointed by God himself, to lead his people to freedom. He preached his message orally and baptized John the Baptist. Jesus had many apostles that spent all there time with him and learned all they could. After Jesus was crucified on the cross for being a "false prophet" the apostles began to teach Jesus's message. Messages of how Jesus did miracles to help the poor and feed the hungry. And now since Jesus has been dead we follow the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Revelations Badge
End of the world with Fire Balls End of the world with War End of the World with Jesus Returning
The things that all three of these pictures have in common are, that it is the end of the world as people would say. These three images all have the world ending with flames or fire. Image two and three are common because they both end with a final war. One with people of the earth and the other dealing with Heaven and Hell. Image one and two are similar because they both look like common disasters but just much worse occasions. The differences between these three occurrences are that they all obviously end differently but image one can be a common occurrence, and image two is just war that we deal with everyday, and image three is a belief that no one knows if its true.

Old Babylonian flood tablet
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For my first badge I will be talking about how the Old Babylonian flood tablet is the most important artifact in scripture. (my opinion) Well first this artifact is known to tell us exactly how to build the ark that Noah once built. But it is also said from reading this artifact, the ark was a circular ship. Regardless of that, I believe it is the most important because this is when we first (one of the first) times we see God’s anger at the world but also it is when he destroyed the earth completely, leaving very few people and animals to live. Since this artifact is found, it can change almost everything we have learned in the bible. It also can change so many more beliefs or folk tales out there. Knowing that the ark was a real thing we can explain how all of nature “survived”. It is sorta the beginning of time for us if you really think about it.