Final Badges:

Heresy Badge

1) Gnosticism:
a prominent heretical movement of the 2nd-century Christian Church, partly of pre-Christian origin. Gnostic doctrine taught that the world was created and ruled by a lesser divinity, the demiurge, and that Christ was an emissary of the remote supreme divine being, esoteric knowledge (gnosis) of whom enabled the redemption of the human spirit.

2) Heresy:
belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.

Reasons why heretical texts shouldn't be destroyed:

1) These heretical texts are artifacts, it can be a way the people communicate with one another.
2) It can be a great tool for scholars, it can be used as a source of education.
3) The new text that we read today is a reflection of my heretical text, so why not keep the original?
4) They can be re-written and sold as new modern day text.
5) The language style is unique. Completely different than what we read today. You can experience true culture and language through these texts.

Revelation Badge

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

I chose to compare images of story of the seven headed beast. In all three images, of course the main similarity is that there is one main head of the beast and the rest are a tad bit smaller than that main one. One difference that I came across is the form of the beast in each image. In picture 1, the beast appears as some sort of dragon. In picture #2, it appears to be some type of greek monster and in picture #3, it appears to be an angry tiger. Picture #3 is the only image that I really see where the beasts look really aggressive and angry. In the 2nd photo, the beast doesn't really look angry, I'd more say a bit psycho. The colors in the 1st image give it a more playful look, which makes it less aggressive, however the last two images use dark colors which gives it a more aggressive and angry look.

Pop Culture Badge

1) Passion of the Christ: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

2) Noah: Genesis

3) David and Goliath: 1 Samuel

4) The Nativity Story: Isaiah and Luke

5) One Night with the King: Esther

Gospels Badge

There are multiple versions of the story depicting Christ's life because each of the gospels tell the story of Jesus from their own viewpoint and their targeted audience is different. Though it is the same story being told, one gospel may choose to emphasize their story much more than another. It's the same as real life situations. If people witness a fight on the road, everyone's story is going to be different even though its the same fight they all seen. Eye witness accounts are much different than accounts that are written after the fact because eye witness accounts are more real, they tell the actual story. However, accounts written after the fact contain human bias. The story will be switched up in accounts that have been written after the fact. 3) Jesus can be seen as a person with two natures.

Archaeology Badge


A scroll was very important in this time period because this was how they communicated with each other. They wrote down their thoughts,
different stories and teachings that took place. This was their form of paper. It was their ancient book also known as the Bible, what we read today.

The Great Flood Badge

Manu and The Fish


Noah's Ark


The Deluge


In each image, of course a boat is represented with a storm taking place. In the image for "The Deluge" we don't see the boat as much but it seems as if it's such a great storm, that the boat is almost tipping over. In the image of Noah's Ark, a rainbow is represented after the storm as a sign of God's covenant. This image shows peace, and it shows that all the people and animals are safe. In the image of Manu and The Fish, though they are in a storm, everyone looks calm and the fish is guiding the boat.

Job Badge

Dear God,
There comes a time when people become fed up with their surroundings and what takes place around them. As a blameless, upright man, that fears you, and loves you, I ask you to help me. I have everything to be thankful for, my wife, my kids, my animals and even my servants. The devil has been trying to tempt me. Dear Lord, have I done anything wrong? My friends no longer recognize me, and I can’t sleep at night. Lord please tell me, what is it that I’ve done wrong? I curse the day I was born God, maybe everything would have been better. I beg you Father to please release me from all of the pain and the suffering.

Your Servant,

Dear Diary,
Why must all this happen to me. I have lost all that I had. My family, my servants, my animals, what have I done to deserve this? As I come into this world I must return as I come. I have nothing more to lose. I asked God to release me from all this pain I have endured. My sons and daughters are gone, how must I cope with that. I still love my God, he has done nothing wrong. Maybe this is some kind of punishment. I have lived a righteous life, I loved and feared God. Was it not enough? I prayed and prayed, countless of nights. There were nights I couldn't sleep and then all off this happens. Diary, I must say, I curse the day I was born. Maybe God hears my cry. Thats all for today Diary.


There are a lot of actors out there that I think would be a goof fit to play the role of Job. The actor that I chose was Liam Neeson. I choose him because I feel as if he can adapt to his character roles very well. From the movies I’ve seen him play in, it’s always been situations that were troublesome that he had to face.